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    At Reel Fine Productions we understand how important your big day is. We ensure in making sure your nearest and dearest can share in your fantastic memories for the rest of your lives. We offer you extensive packages in wedding videography and offer fantastic storytelling ability. We offer you a well produced and entertaining wedding film that captures your special day in stunning HD quality.


    We make your memories, Reel Fine!

    For more information please read our FAQ or If you just want to talk, feel free to contact us today.


    (Full disclosure: We are students at Reel Fine Productions but we still offer up amazing quality videos of your special day. The video MAY take up to 6-8 weeks to edit as we want you to have the best product possible.)


  • Packages

    Reel Simple Box (£600)


    - Free Wedding consultation

    - 1 DVD's in a themed box

    - Full wedding day & ceremony coverage (up to ten hours)

    - Two videographers

    - Professional editing and colour correction

    - Up to 20 minute video (not including the full ceremony and full speeches)

    - Trailer posted online for guests to download or share

    - £50 deposit

    Reel Big Box (£800)


    - Free wedding consultation

    - 3 DVD's and a USB (exclusive to this package) in a themed box

    - Full wedding day & coverage (up to twelve hours)

    - Two videographers

    - Professional editing and colour correction

    - up to 30 minute video (including the full ceremony and speeches)

    - Trailer posted online for guests to download and share

    - £50 deposit


    DVD's: £15 each

    Extra coverage (per hour): £30

    Extra video length (up to 5 mins): £25

    Delivery (special delivery tracked): £10


    Long distance Weddings

    For venues that are greater than 50 miles from Llanelli town centre we charge a small fee of 40p per mile. You will only be charged for the milage after the initial 50 miles. For venues that are over 2 hours travel time from Llanelli town centre, we require overnight accomodation the night before and of the wedding. Don’t worry, we don’t need anything fancy. A twin room within a 20 minutes drive from the venue is all we need.




    Event Videography

    Commercial advertising, christenings, engagements, concerts, pets, prom etc.


    Per Hour: £30

    Up to 5 min video: £25


    Any commercial advertising/ concerts will be shared on Facebook and will need to be credited. Any other events will be treated as personal videography and will be subject to a consultation plus extra charges for DVD's.

  • Testimonials

    We let the comments speak for themselves.

    "Fabulous. They are like ninjas with cameras didn't know they were there, captured the atmosphere perfectly, thank you." ​

    - Helena Halliday

    Would like to Thank Reel Fine Productions from Christine and David at Thomas Arms Hotel. What a great job you both did and I was very impressed with your commitment to your job
    Thank you

    - Christine and David (Thomas Arms Hotel)

    "Watching our wedding video again...So happy with it as it has really captured the feel of the day. You were fab on the day. I kept on forgetting you were there. Would definitely recommend. Thank you so much"

    -Sarah Rogan

    "Well all I can say is that they have done a fantastic job on my Wedding DVD. They are such lovely people. They are down to Earth and they worked hard all day on the Wedding day and on the DVD. Kyle and I can't thank you enough. Thank you Celyn and Jonathan!

    -Kelly Clutterbuck

    They spoke through everything before the wedding and on the day you didn't even realise that they were there.

    - Laura Thomas

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  • Terms and Conditions

    The deposit of £50 (GBP) is required upon booking RFP’s services. The full amount will be paid a week before the wedding. RFP will not begin filming until this payment is received. If the client cancels the production prior to the wedding date, the deposit will not be refunded but second payment will be refunded to the client until one week before the wedding.


    The client is solely responsible for securing permission from the site owner/operator for use of the production site as well as authority for RFP to set up all necessary production equipment. It is understood that the quality of the production is dependent upon adequate lighting, camera/microphone positions and other conditions not under the control of RFP.


    RFP is not responsible for poor audio if the groom does not agree to wear a lapel microphone, dark or grainy video resulting from inadequate lighting or electrical or mechanical malfunctions on location that are beyond our control.


    The agreement of the service to perform is subject to proven detention by sudden illness, accidents, acts of God, or any other legitimate condition beyond the control of RFP. Every reasonable attempt will be made to secure a backup videographer in such an unlikely event.


    RFP will establish an arrival time for the wedding date with the client prior to that date and remain on duty for the number of hours included in the package. Coverage hours included in the package are for the wedding date only and must be consecutive. This block of time includes set-up and tear-down of equipment, transportation between venues and meal breaks.


    RFP reserves the right to discontinue filming in any situation (eg: rain, extreme temperatures, humidity, hazardous locations) that could put the safety of the videographer or equipment at risk.


    Two cameras will be used to video the ceremony. The aesthetic quality of this video may vary depending upon the logistics of the wedding site and the permitted camera placement. One or two cameras will be used at all other times.


    Because RFP is generally on the same schedule as the bride and groom, we will not be held responsible for no footage during lunch hours.


    The original videos remain the property of RFP. The client gives RFP permission to use footage from the original videos to market RFP's wedding videography services. The client is responsible for all copyrighted music used in the wedding video.